Mutant Chronicles Soundtrack Reviews

"A score simply isn't this good by accident." - Keeping Score by Tom Hoover - "One of the best scores of 2009...Stack it up against any of the commercial titles from the early summer movie season and you'll see first hand just how intoxicating this soundtrack is." 9.5 out of 10 - "The superb "Mutant Chronicles End Credits" suite summarizes the main themes heard along the album, and while listening to it I wondered why so many recent great summer movies received so lame the task to Wells I'm sure he would create something much better - and greater." - "The musical score that accompanies the small, independent science fiction film Mutant Chronicles may be one of the best released in 2009. The depth of Wells’ compositions, uncommon in films of this type, make an invaluable contribution to the film while simultaneously allowing the score to stand strong even independently of the movie." Rating  A- - "Mutant Chronicles is a score with a lot of depth. And Wells is a composer to be reckoned with. This score is Highly Recommended." Score: 4.5 out of 5 - "Make no mistake that Mutant Chronicles is gloriously big, booming stuff. Yet it’s also filled with real themes and melody, creating the kind of melodic construction that makes one quickly takes notice of an impressive composing talent at hand. For as doom-filled as most of his score might be, one of Wells’ biggest accomplishments is giving the characters a real sense of heart with an unexpectedly tender piano, or a choral requiem that makes the characters into holy warriors." Grade A - "The amazing elegiac "Leap of Faith" is followed by a great suite called "Mutant Chronicles End Titles" rounding out one of the most amazing produced albums I've come across in a long time."

Abomination Review

Games Domain - "The best music soundtrack in any strategy game ever."

Gangsters 2 Reviews

Edge - "The isometric street views of Gangsters 2 are an essential component in the creation of the authentic prohibition era tone, but they wouldn't work quite so effectively were it not for the fact that the in game audio is excellent ... were it not the sounds... or the dramatic music when one of your family members is about to get whacked, the game would not be half as engaging.

Action Trip - "The soundtrack is dark and moody and provides a great atmosphere."

X-Com Apocalypse Reviews

Game Zone - "To complete the mood of the game X-Com Apocalypse has some superb music. Imagine the best bits of all those classic sci-fi movies of yesteryear, all worked into a handful of tracks, with some stirring new parts. Inject some thumping heartbeats and youv'e got one of the best background tracks in any game I've played."

PC Format - "As if to compensate, the music and sound effects are excellent... a cross between The X-Files, Twin peaks and Blade Runner."

PC Power - "Classic link sequences accompanied by rib shaking rock music."

Being Human Series 1 and 2 Soundtrack

Sci-fi Online - "Richard Wells's score to the TV series Being Human puts many movie soundtracks to shame. There's real passion and fully charged emotion packed into this collection of tracks and it never lets up."

"From the opening track 'Being Human' to the closing 'Full Moon' there isn't a dull or wasted moment."   9/10 -  "The true success of a series depends on many factors, like the actor's performances and the script writing. But one aspect that is often overlooked is the musical score. Done properly, it enhances the scenes without overrunning them, almost to the point of hypnotically guiding the audience's emotions without them even being aware of being under its spell. In the case of Being Human, composer Richard Wells did it very right."

"There is not a single "weak" track on the album."   4½ out of 5 - "There is a sense of craftsmanship and resourcefulness at work with this production that shouldn't be glossed over, especially when you realize that the melodies, ambience, and payoff moments come together in such a well-arranged fashion. Even the intentionally disturbing passages had something unique to offer."

"It provides 45 minutes of eclectic and interesting material brought together by a composer who continues to impress."   8/10 -  "After all of the soundtracks I have reviewed for Fandomania, this one was a refreshing change from the norm."  4/5 -  "The string-laden ‘A Wonderful Thing’ is beautifully moving, reminiscent of James Newton Howard’s score for The Sixth Sense, while ‘Annie’s Theme’ and ‘Lucky’ are highlights among the lighter, chirpier numbers. Pathos is perfectly evoked by the moodier tracks - ‘Someone Else’, for example, uses violin and piano to create one of the album’s most emotional tracks."

"However, it’s the darker tracks that stand out most, notably ‘Annie’s Door’ and ‘Box Tunnel Massacre’. Even without the context of the show, these are genuinely unsettling and scary … certainly not ones to listen to on your iPod while walking down a dark alley."

"As an accompaniment to Being Human, Wells’ soundtrack is brilliantly evocative in both the incidental and the dramatic tracks… managing to tell a story without pictures or words."   4/5