Richard began his professional music career as a programmer, keyboard player and engineer. His credits include work on tracks by Dominic King (My Simple Heart), John Moss (Culture Club), Talk Talk and Clan of  Xymox. He joined Xymox in 1991 and toured the U.S.A. He later engineered and mixed their album Metamorphosis.

Richard met games composer Dave Punshon in 1994 and they have worked together composing music for over 30 computer games.

Richard’s break into films came in 1998 when he scored Jake West’s cult debut feature Razor Blade Smile. His collaboration with Jake continued with the horror film Evil Aliens which won the Raindance award at the British Independent Film Awards and more recently with the ZomCom Doghouse.

In 2002 Richard started writing music for film trailers. He has worked extensively for several labels including martial arts Goliaths: Dragon Dynasty and Hong Kong Legends. His original trailer music for over 50 feature films includes The Grudge, Seven Swords and Warrior King.

In 2005 Richard re-scored the Thai martial arts smash hit Ong-Bak. After a successful theatrical release, the UK version of Ong-Bak has gone on to sell over half a million units on DVD.

After scoring the teaser for Simon Hunter, Richard was asked to write a full orchestral score for the major feature film Mutant Chronicles, starring Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman. The score received fantastic reviews.

Richard scored all five series of the Touchpaper/ BBC smash hit Being Human for which he was nominated for a BAFTA and a Music and Sound award for best TV Soundtrack. 

Continuing his work in the Mystery/ Horror genre Richard scored Michael Bartlett's indie horror/ drama Treehouse, which went straight to number 1 in the UK iTunes horror chart. In 2018 he composed the score for Johnny Kevorkian's horror feature Await Further Instructions.

Richard worked as one of the composer team on Creative Assembly's critically acclaimed Total War - Warhammer 2. The music in the game was nominated for Best Game Score 2017 (Hollywood Music in the Media Awards) and was also nominated for a Bafta in the Best British Game category.

Richard has also written many albums and tracks for Sony/KPM, Universal, Sound Pocket, West One Music Group and The Scoring House. His music has been used all over the World on countless TV programmes, stations and productions including:

Top Gear, Graham Norton Show, Masterchef, WWE, Total Wipeout, BBC News, Panorama, Horizon, Tonight, Spring Watch, The Apprentice, The Voice, 60 Minutes, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Jo Exotic - Tigers Lies and Cover Up, The Bridge, Pawn Stars, Ramsay's Best Kitchen, Natural World, Oprah, Meet The Ancestors, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Rugby, Fox Sports, BBC Golf, The It Crowd, Mediterranean with Simon Reeve, Race to Escape, American Ninja Warrior, American Justice, Ambulance: Code Red, Travel Show, Secrets of Great British Castles, Surviving Alaska, Hack To The Future, Midsummer Murders, The Film Review, Trust Me I'm A Doctor, Monsters Inside Me, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, This Morning, Ross Kemp Living With..., World's Toughest Expeditions, Last Battle of the Vikings, Hunting the Nazi Gold Train, The Proof Is Out There, Pet Heroes, ABBA - When All Is Said And Done, Deadly Women, Secret Tapes Of The O J Case, Fugitives, Disappeared, Paradise Hotel, Monster Quest, Great Train Robbery, This Sporting Life, Britain's Darkest Taboos, The Food Inspectors, Weird True and Freaky, How Not To Become Shark Bait, Animals Gone Wild, Pandemic - How To Prevent An Outbeak, Eight Days That Made Rome and Keeping Up With The Kardashians - to name a few.


  • Await Further Instructions - Shudder Films
  • Treehouse - Aunt Max Entertainment
  • Doghouse – Carnaby International
  • Mutant Chronicles – Edward R. Pressman Films
  • Evil Aliens - Falcon Media
  • Ong Bak - Contender Group
  • Razor Blade Smile - Manga


  • Being Human Series 5 
  • Switch                         
  • Being Human Series 4  
  • Becoming Human       
  • Being Human Series 3  
  • Being Human Series 2  
  • Being Human Series 1 

VIDEO GAMES include:

  • Total War - Warhammer 2
  • Total War Battles - Kingdom
  • Pop Idol
  • WW2 Frontline
  • Superman
  • Gangsters 1 & 2
  • Lego Island 2
  • Abomination
  • Legoland
  • Cutthroats
  • X-Com Apocalypse
  • F18 Super Hornet
  • Apache Longbow
  • Z
  • GPM 1 & 2
  • BumpNBurn


  • Mutant Chronicles
  • City of Violence
  • Hard Boiled
  • Infernal Affairs
  • Invisible Target
  • The Duelist
  • Dead Man’s Cards
  • Seven Swords
  • Police Story
  • Warrior King
  • The Grudge 2
  • Evil Aliens
  • Brotherhood
  • Ong-Bak
  • The Grudge
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Naked Weapon
  • Bullet in the Head

DISCOGRAPHY as Composer:

  • Paranormal 1
  • Paranormal 2
  • Visions of Future Past
  • The Dark Mind
  • Vivid Minimalism
  • Ambient Edge
  • Viral
  • Being Human Series 3
  • Nearfield
  • Conflict
  • Being Human Series 1 and 2
  • Ambient Spirit
  • Mutant Chronicles
  • Altered States
  • Evil Aliens
  • Overkill 2
  • Global Shockwave
  • Overkill